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The B-1501 B/T is the compact, entry-level embroidery machine from Butterfly. The single-head B-1501 is lightweight, but is a true industrial/commercial embroidery machine. The machine measures 30 x 34 x 36 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 220 pounds.

The single-head, 15-needle machine features a 15 x 16 inch sewing area with a 1000 stitch per minute maximum sewing speed. The memory capacity is one million stitches (99 designs). The Butterfly is manufactured in China with Japanese solenoids and Italian belts.

The Butterfly B-1501 features a 270 degree cap system, laser trace,[1] and 4-inch color LCD.

The Butterfly embroidery machine users the higher end Rainbow electronics control system. This Rainbow Electronics System has been customized by PLRElectronics, USA. This is a break away from most all Chinese embroidery machines.

Butterfly B-1501B/T

The Butterfly B-1501B/T is a 15-needle, single-head embroidery machine. The machine can embroider caps, flats and tubular goods. The machine can embroider most materials, including leather embroidery.

This model is the current model for the 2014 line.

According to Butterfly marketing materials: "The machine (B-1501B/T) is ideal for most all embroidery jobs from large garments to pocket size designs to caps. The machine is ideal for both start ups and existing commercial embroidery shops for both full service embroidery and samples. The machine is portable enough to attend shows yet strong enough to tackle jacket backs, leather goods,[2] etc. This machine will benchmark against again other machine in its class."[3]


Butterfly B-1501B/T control panel
Butterfly B-1501B/T control panel

The Butterfly B-1501B/T can embroider on the following garments.

Some examples include:

  • Polos/Shirts
  • 3D Puff Embroidery
  • Cap Embroidery - 270 degree cap system
  • Cap Backs
  • Jackets
  • Belts/Collars
  • Leather
  • Almost ANYTHING that can be embroidered.

Embroidery is seen on all types of garments. Schools, Government, Organizations, Sports, Businesses of all sizes, Industry, Public Service, Seasonal. The Butterfly machine is capable of embroidering on most everything that can be embroidered.

Market Niche

The Butterfly B-1501B/T single-head machine lies squarely in the "value" segment of the single-head embroidery machine market. Considerably less expensive than the top-of-the-line Tajima NEO single-head machine, but more robust and feature-rich than the home-market sewing machines used by hobbyists.

The Butterfly machine will produce the same high quality embroidery sew outs as any other machine in its competitive group.

Machine Specifications

Make Butterfly
Model B-1501B/T
Needles 15
Heads 1
Max Speed 1200 (Stitch/Min)
Weight ~100kgs or ~220lbs
Dimensions 3' x 3' x 3'
Solenoids Japanese
Belts Italian
Embroidery Area 40cm x 50cm ~(15in x 16 in)
Input USB Port / Network / Floppy
Languages English/Spanish
Display 4 inch Color Display
Memory Capacity 1 Million Stitches (99 Designs)
Trimmers Yes
Trace Yes



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