Melco USB Upgrade

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Floppy To USB upgrade for Melco
Floppy To USB upgrade for Melco
Melco EMC/EMT Single-head floppy drive replaced with USB
Melco boot disk floppy replaced with USB stick boot disk
Melco EMC/EMT Multi-head with USB Upgrade
Melco EMC/EMT Multi-head with USB Upgrade Boot Disk

The Melco USB upgrade uses the Floppy To USB device

This can be a replacement for the Ethernet system and the floppy drive that Melcos typically use.


Melco connectors.jpg

The first step it to verify that the Melco machine has the connectors for a floppy drive. If the machine already has a floppy drive, then the drive model USB-A001 from

The connectors are located on the main mother board. On EMC single heads, this board is located behind the left hand side plastic cover. On 4 heads, this board is at the back of the machine underneath the covers.

If the Melco machine is a black head Tajima type, then the floppy to USB will not work.

If the machine is already equipped with a floppy then follow the cables to where they connect to the mother board. The same data and power cable that connect to the follow can be used on the Floppy To USB upgrade.

Melco data power.jpg


If the Melco machine is already equipped with a Floppy Drive, then the Floppy To USB upgrade will replace the Floppy Drive seamlessly. Just remove the old floppy and install the Floppy To USB in the reverse order.

If the machine does not already have a floppy, just make sure it has these 2 connectors.

Melco pin info.jpg

The data cable (widest grey cable in the picture) should have a red colored wire on one end of the cable. This is know as PIN 1. Pin 1 (red cable) should line up with pin 1 on both the USB drive and the machine mother board.

Melco Boot Disk

A Melco Boot Disk (USB DISK) will also be required. When purchasing the Floppy To USB be sure to request the USB BOOT DISK for the exact model of Melco that the drive will be going into.


The Floppy to USB can replace:

  • Premier Keyboards
  • Melco Floppy Disks
  • Melco Ethernet System
  • EDS

The upgrade works with the following Melco embroidery machines WITH the mentioned connectors:

The upgrade DOES NOT WORK with: