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Threads Embroidery Software is a subscription based embroidery digitizing software package. The Threads ES website is located at

Threads Embroidery Software is different from other embroidery packages in that the subscriber only has to pay $1.00 a day to use the software. Other software packages have upfront costs of several thousand dollars for equivalent software. Some software packages can exceed $10,000.00

Threads Embroidery Software was designed to be very simple to use yet very advanced.


3D Embroidery View of Tiger (rotated)
3D Embroidery View of Tiger (rotated)

From the Threads ES website: The $1 cost for Threads Embroidery Software package is a daily fee. The subscriber will be charged on a monthly basis. Threads is the most affordable embroidery software package available. Why steal alternative software programs when you can LEGALLY buy embroidery software so cheap? Avoid the guilt and potential legal implements by having and using LEGAL software. Did you know, that legally whatever is created with pirated software is owned by the software vender? Why take the risk?

Threads Embroidery Software was designed for BOTH the home embroidery machine industry and large industrial embroidery shops. From the work-at-home mom to the worlds largest embroidery shops, Threads Embroidery Software is an all-inclusive embroidery software solution.

The Threads software can be downloaded at after the user completes registration and purchases a subscription.

The online wiki version of the user guide can be found at ThreadsES Users Guide

Threads Embroidery Software is not a Tier or Level based limited software. Threads ES is a complete software package. Unlike competing software, the Threads Software has everything. The standard version of Threads is the only version and includes the following:


Threads Lettering System
Threads Lettering System
Lettering Screenshot
Lettering Screenshot

Threads ES comes with a set of predigitized automatic lettering. Lettering (fonts) can be created from the Windows TTF (True Type Fonts). Lettering is easy to create with Threads. Individual letters can be digitized and saved or, the entire font can be digitized.


Threads Embroidery Software was designed to be a very easy to use digitizing software. Threads includes all the tools needed to create the highest level of quality embroidery files. Threads will output the same high quality embroidery files as any of the competing software packages.


Threads Digitizing Software Program
Threads Digitizing Software Program

Threads Embroidery Software uses both wire frame polygons and embroidery stitches. The user can flip between the wire view and the embroidery stitch view. The wire frame is created when the digitizer digitizes the file. The wire frame is then turned into an embroidery format such as a Tajima DST file with the click of a button.

Threads has all the necessary tools to edit both the wire frame view and the embroidery stitch view.

Simple changes such as moving points is very easy. Advanced tools like copy, paste, skew, resize, block moving, etc is all available.

Threads also offers advanced 3D views which allow the user to pan around and rotate the 3D view to view the image as if it were an embroidered logo on a shirt.


ButterFly Logo

Threads Embroidery Software has the capability of exporting to the Tajima DST format. Because it can export the the Tajima DST format, Threads is compatible with almost every embroidery machine in the world and almost any type of machine that uses the DST format.

A few examples of machines that will work with Threads Embroidery Software

Machine Formats Compatible
Barudan DST, DAT Yes
Janome DST Yes
Tajima DST Yes
Melco DST, EXP Yes
Toyota DST Yes
Bernina DST Yes
Toyota DST Yes
Babylock DST Yes
Singer DST Yes
Happy DST Yes
Disney DST Yes
Butterfly DST Yes
Ricoma DST Yes
Higland DST Yes
Yamata DST Yes
Husqvarna DST Yes


A Threads Embroidery Software support forum is located at