Barudan BEAT IV

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BEAT-IV Single Head Keyboard
BEAT-IV keyboard for monogram lettering

The BEAT IV series from Barudan is a lineup of single-head, table-top embroidery machines manufactured from 1989-1997. The BEAT series was marketed as the "Prosperity Plus" series and was the successor to the Barudan BEAT III series. The Barudan BEAT series machines included a keyboard for monogram lettering (see picture to right). The Barudan BEAT IV UG had a single take up lever and the BEAT IV YS had individual takeup levers.


The BEAT series can be upgraded with a Black Box to read and input design files directly to the machine.

Barudan BEAT Specifications


  • Sewing Speed: up to 900 stitches per minute
  • Stitching Area: 12"(Y) x 18(X) inches
  • Memory Capacity: 280,000 stitches (or up to 99 designs)
  • Dimensions: 820(H) x 745(W) x 720(D) mm
  • Weight: 82 Kg 180.6 lbs
  • Machine Motor: 115 V AC

Model Heads Needles EMB Space / Head Max SPM Pwr Cons. Years
BEAT UG 1 5 or 7 12" x 18" 900 115 V AC 1989-1997
BEAT YSN 1 7 12" x 18" 900 115 V AC 1989-1997

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