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External USB-based Embroidery Design Reader
External USB-based Embroidery File Design Reader

The Embroidery Black Box is a device that reads USB sticks containing embroidery design files. The design files are transferred to embroidery machines via parallel or serial cables connected to the embroidery machine's data input port. The device is distributed by TheEmbroideryWarehouse and can be purchased at EMBAccess. The Black Box is the ideal solution for older embroidery machines without a built-in floppy disk drive. The device is "plug-and-play" in that it requires no software or drivers for installation.

Various cable connectors are available with the Black Box to suit a range of embroidery machines, but the device is sold with one connector.

History and sales

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This device is MADE IN THE USA!

The Embroidery Black Box was introduced to the market around 2008. The device was created to meet market demand for a low-cost alternative to expensive external embroidery machine floppy drive readers. The device is sold and used around the world.

The Embroidery Black Box is also Made and Developed In The USA and is the only device of its kind Made and Developed In The USA.

The device is the only solution for Toyota embroidery machines besides direct PC connect.

The device can be purchased at http://www.embroiderybids.com/cart/USB-Flash-Reader-Embroidery-Machine-transfer-system.html

This USB Linker to embroidery machines is the ONLY USA made device on the market. This device also supports more machines than any other similar device on the market.

The distributor of this device claims we will meet or beat any competitors invoice price and or warranty.


Barudan adapter Hirose
Barudan adapter Hirose

The Black Box device supports both parallel (8-PTR) and serial (RS232C) interfaces. However, there are various types of connectors depending on the model of embroidery machine. Each connector is for a different type of machine input port.

The device works on the following embroidery machines: Barudan, Tajima, SWF, Happy, Toyota

The connectors available are:

  • Toyota
    • Serial 9 Pin
    • Serial 25 Pin
  • SWF
    • Serial 9 Pin

Troubleshooting and Known Issues

The device uses the Tajima DST Embroidery software format. The designs should follow the standard Tajima Naming convention as mentioned at the Embroidery software formats page.

If the device is causing any issues, first check that all connectors are solid. When connecting the device to the machine both the machine and the device should be powered off and disconnected from the wall outlet.

Check the PLR Electronics Support Site for any other troubleshooting issues.

Known working Models

Happy Embroidery Machine USB reader
Happy Embroidery Machine USB reader
Toyota 25 Pin (9 pin also available) USB Reader
Toyota 25 Pin (9 pin also available) USB Reader


The following table contains the Black Box corresponding connector type that has been proven to work successfully on the following machines. If your machine is not on the list, then contact PLR Electronics and they can tell you exactly what connect to order.

If your machine has a built in Floppy Drive, see FloppyToUSB

Machine Model Connector Type
Barudan BEAT 102 Barudan Hirose
Barudan BEAT 106 Barudan Hirose
Barudan BEAT 702 Barudan Hirose
Barudan BEAT 704 Barudan Hirose
Barudan BEAT 706 Barudan Hirose
Barudan BEAT 802 Barudan Hirose
Barudan BEAT 804 Barudan Hirose
Barudan BEAT 806 Barudan Hirose
Barudan BEAT-IV Barudan Hirose
SWF 9 Pin Serial
Tajima TMEF Tajima Parallel
Tajima TME-HC Tajima Parallel
Tajima TME-SC Tajima Parallel
Tajima TME-C Tajima Parallel
Tajima TMEF-HC Tajima Parallel
Tajima TMM (Melco control panel) Tajima Parallel
Tajima TMFD Tajima Parallel
Tajima TME-DC Tajima Parallel
Toyota 800 25 Pin Serial
Toyota 820 25 Pin Serial
Toyota 820A 25 Pin Serial
Toyota 830 25 Pin Serial
Toyota 850 9 Pin Serial
Toyota 851 9 Pin Serial
Toyota 860 9 Pin Serial
Happy Small Parallel

Reader Replacements

This USB reader is the idea solution for operators looking to replace devices like:

  • Tajima TFD reader / TFD II disk reader
  • Barudan FMC & FMCII
  • EDS Software
  • Toyota Software
  • Richpeace Readers
  • QDT Software (Quick Design Transfer)
  • Nova disk reader
  • Read-I disk reader
  • Alpha disk reader
  • Embroidery Transfer Software
  • and others

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