Floppy Disk Drive to USB Upgrade Information

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Two Floppy To USB drives - slim size (on left) and standard
Two Floppy To USB drives - slim size (on left) and standard

The FloppyToUSB device is a floppy disk drive emulator that is designed to replace a 3 1/2 floppy drive with a USB drive.

This Floppy Disk Drive to USB Upgrade Information is intended for those looking to replace their Floppy Disk Drives with USB drives.

Further info

For further information about the Floppy to USB upgrade, see Floppy To USB

Known Working Models

The first step is to check if the machine or floppy is on the Known Working Models list. If the equipment is not listed, then check the Unknown Models section.

If the machine is on that list, order the corresponding drive from that list at http://www.BuyUSBFloppyUpgrade.com

For example, HAAS HL2 Lathe is listed as drive USB-A001. Drive USB-A001 in that example should be ordered from the above link.

Many of the entries in that list are models of floppy drives and not equipment models. If both the machine and the floppy drive are listed, always go with the USB code listed for the machine and not the drive. Drives are configurable and one type of drive might have many configurations.

A complete list of known working USB upgrades can be found at the Known Working USB Models list.

Unknown Models

Floppy Drive Jumpers
Floppy Drive Jumpers
Floppy Model Numbers
Floppy Model Numbers

If the machine make or model is not on the list then there are a few things that need to be known in order to get the correct drive.

The following questions and answers should be sent to PLRElectronics in order to determine the correct model.

This list has been written in the order of importance per question. Please answer as many of the questions as possible keeping in mind the most important questions are first.

Answer as many of the following and send the answers to a PLRElectronics sales representative.

  • What is the exact Make and Model of the machine or equipment that the USB Emulator will be installed in?
  • What is the exact make and model of the current drive in the equipment or, is there a known make and model of drive that does work?
    • Be sure to include all numbers on the drive or send a picture of the back of the drive as shown in the picture on the right. Even hand written numbers are important
  • Are there any Jumpers on the drive? If so, take a clear picture of all the jumpers as shown in the example to the right.
  • What operating system does the machine run off of?
  • Does the machine use both 720 and 1.44 megabyte floppy disks or only one or the other?
  • Machine country of origin?
  • Approximately how old is the machine?

Further Questions

If the machine or drive is not on the list, then contact PLRElectronics and they can suggest exactly what drive to order.