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Electronics Repair Company. PCB Circuit board repairs.

PLR Electronics is a company based out of Fort Worth, Texas. PLR Electronics repairs electronics and specializes in the repair of embroidery electronics and circuit boards. The company website is located at:


PLR Electronics tech repairing Toyota Control Panel
PLR Electronics tech repairing Toyota Control Panel

PLRElectronics is a company that specializes in circuit board repair. They offer sales and support in English and Spanish and sells their products and services worldwide. PLRElectronics has posted many videos of successful repairs on YouTube under the username plrelectronics or at the following link

Physical Location

The physical address for PLRElectronics is:

PLRElectronics, Inc.

2952 SE Loop 820

Fort Worth, Texas

76140, United States

Payment Methods

PLRElectronics accepts the following forms of payments:

  • Wire Transfer (preferred)
  • Cash
  • Paypay. The Paypal address for PLRElectronics is 'sales(A)<nameofcompany>.com' where <nameofcompany> is plrelectronics and where (A) is the @ symbol.
  • Certified USA Bank check
  • Credit Cards Master and Visa (manual)
  • Credit Cards Master and Visa (online). Note: using the online system you must pay in increments of $25. So for an order of $500, 20 items must be selected when checking out. 20 * $25 = $500. Divide the order by $25 to know the quantity to select. Also enter invoice number in the notes.

Taxes applicable in the state of Texas for customers in Texas.

Contact info

Contact 'sales@<nameofcompany>.com' where <nameofcompany> is plrelectronics

Or visit their Contact Us info at


PLR Electronics repairs electronic circuit boards, PCB, and other electronics, primarily focusing on the repair of Embroidery Machine Electronics.

PLRElectronics purchases salvage machines, parts machines, and both good and bad boards. PLRElectronics has a wide range of testing machines and jigs used to ensure the repairs are successful before shipping back to the client.

Shipping to

When sending in electronics to PLR Electronics, please read the: PLRElectronics Board Shipping Instructions article

Repair Service, Swaps, Rush, Same Day Service etc

The PLRElectronics Repair Service info article describes many options PLR offers to get your equipment back up and running.

PLRElectronics has many spare boards in stock for swapping with bad boards. PLRElectronics also offer Rush services for same board repairs. Both Rush and Swaps have extra costs.

Repair Prices and Quotes

PLRElectronics can only give estimates over the phone or email. All final quotes are done once the technician has boards in hand. The company does offer a flat-rate $75 circuit board repair estimate service.


PLRElectronics has testing stations and testing jigs. They have a wide range of testing equipment and actual machines for testing the electronics on.


Toyota 820A/830 MOTHER BOARD

PLRElectronics has successfully repaired the following circuit boards. This list is an incomplete list of several sample repairs.


PLRElectronics has worked on electronics belonging to equipment such as Tajima, Barudan, Happy, SWF, Toyota, ZSK, Melco, Brother, among many other brand names.

Electronics Repairs

For the list of boards that PLRElectronics can repair, see the PLRElectronics Repair Portfolio

Customer Support & Sale

The PLR Electronics Support Forum can be found at PLR Support Forum.

The contact us page is located at

Ordering & Other Products

Pair of Floppy To USB drives
Pair of Floppy To USB drives
External USB Embroidery Reader, Embroidery Black Box
External USB Embroidery Reader, Embroidery Black Box

The PLRElectronics shopping cart is found at

PLRElectronics also sells a few other products:

External USB Reader

The PLRElectronics External Reader (embroidery Black Box) for embroidery machines is an USB reader for machines without floppy drives. The device connects to the machine data port. The reader can be purchased at: USB Flash Reader Embroidery Machine Transfer System

Floppy to USB (Internal USB Reader)

The Floppy To USB is a device that replaces floppy disk drives with USB sticks. The FloppyToUSB can be purchased at: Floppy To USB Upgrade


PLR Electronics offers a 1 year warranty on most all repairs and products.

Extended warranties are provided at an additional fee depending on the length of the extension and the complexity of the electronics.


Adobe icon.jpg

The following documents can be found at the PLR Electronics website

PLRElectronics will accept any of the documentation via email, physically printed, or by fax.

PLRElectronics Board Repair Form

The following form is outlined at PLRElectronics Board Repair Form

The PDF file is located at

PLRElectronics Repair Service info

The following form is outlined at PLRElectronics Repair Service info

The PDF file is located at

Credit Card Form

The credit card form PDF file is located at

Other PLRElectronics Articles