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The following information on PLRElectronics Board Repair Form was taken from the following PDF off the PLRElectronics website



Terms Subject to Change

Last Modified Date: 01/14/2013

PLR Electronics repair lab offers high quality circuitry repair at prices that are a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our terms for repair are as follows:

  • PLR will accept circuitry from virtually any type of machinery for diagnosis.
  • Within 3 days of the anticipated completion of the repair(s), PLR may contact customer for payment of repair and return shipping. PLR will provide the estimated ship date for the repaired component.
  • PLR is not responsible for shipping dates on parts to our location or lack of inventory for nonexistent or sold out parts and /or back orders.
  • PLR accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Money Order/Cashier’s Check. ***Company checks are accepted. Repaired components will be held for 10 days to allow for check to clear.***
  • If a customer’s component is diagnosed with no electronic malfunction, then the customer will be billed an hourly rate of $75.00 (USD) per hour, with a one hour minimum as a diagnostics fee or up to $200.00 (USD).
  • Customer understand rush orders maybe delay customers repairs unless customer opts for rush service.
  • PLR assumes that the customer has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the board they are sending to us is indeed bad. We recommend that the customer hire a professional technician to assist them in identifying, removing, and installing the faulty electronics. If not, we recommend that the customer request to provide only the diagnostics services.
  • Although a board might not physically look bad, it might be below the specs of the original new chips. When we receive boards below specs, we change out the weak parts for same grade or better parts. Although replacing the parts typically always increases the integrity and lifeline of the board, it might not repair the original problem which might lie elsewhere in the equipment. Again, PLR highly recommends for customers to identify and send us the problem equipment.
  • Any repair not paid for within 30 days will become property of PLR
  • Warranty timeframe depends on the board and any other payments toward extended warranties.
  • All shipping charges are at customer’s expense regardless to warranty claims, or any other problems.
  • Failure to provide PLR with proper contact information or descriptive details on the problems with the electronics may incur unnecessary expense and/or delays in service.
  • All sales are final. Repairs under warranty will be provided at no additional costs besides shipping and handling fees and any other applicable outside charges such as importation, or tax fees. CUSTOMER SIGN:__________________________________________________
  • We do not offer returns on board repairs. We repair all bad, weak or erratic chips. The original equipment malfunction may lie elsewhere within the machinery. Our repairs will typically always extend the life of the electronics. Our services are rendered even if our services do not repair the original problem. Returns will only be accept when we determine both the board we have repairs IS the cause of the equipment problem AND we agree it us non-repairable.
  • Customer understands their payment is for a guaranteed extension on the life of the electronics (our warranty)
  • Customer understands our repairs on electronics might not repair the original problems and repairs of their electronics may persists and/or destroy other electronics if the original source of the destruction is not first repaired.
  • Warranty is 100% void if the electronics have been serviced outside of PLR electronics. No refunds will be provided in this case.
  • Any repairs or modification on the electronics by other parties may render the board incompatible with the machinery even if our diagnostics/repairs check the board to be operable. No refunds will be provided in this case.
  • Rush fees and swap fees are also available for speedy service. Otherwise, the electronics will be placed en-queue and will be examined in order depending on priorities.

Bottom Info

PLR Electronics (PLR) provides diagnosis and repair on electronic circuitry from a virtually limitless array of machinery. PLR will, to the best of its available knowledge and resources, provide the very best in accuracy of diagnosis, method of repair, and successful testing of repair upon completion. However, due to innumerable challenges from age of circuitry to be repaired, availability of necessary components for repair, or availability of necessary components and equipment to perform diagnosis of problem and repair, PLR may not be capable of performing all repairs requested.   Please fill out the following form as completely as possible. Electronic Board Repair Questionnaire

1. Date: ________________

2. Machine Model: ___________________________________

3. Machine Make: ____________________________________

4. Machine year: _____________

5. Serial #: ___________________

6. Number of board(s): _________

7. Type of board(s): ________________________________________ 8. Country: _________________________

9. Company: ______________________________

10. Customer Name: ____________________________________________________

11. Customer phone #: __________________________________

12. Customer E-Mail: ______________________________________________

13. Customer address: _______________________________________________________________

14. Any symptom’s error code’s: _____________________________________________________________________ 15. RUSH FEES - I opt to pay an additional fee of ______ to be in position ____ -____ of the repair queue (please consult with your sales rep before opting for rush fees) 16. I have read Electronics labs “Terms and Conditions” (sign):________________________________ (print):________________________________


Internal use only

Ticket #: ___________________________________________

Initial Contact: __________________________________________

Date Received: ____________________________

PDF Version

The PDF Version of this page can be found at the PLRElectronics site at