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Troubleshooting and Error Messages

The SWF machine can produce the following error messages:

SWF Error 100

Main shaft has to be rotated back to its home/head-up position. The error should go away. If not, the encoder plug to the main power board may be unplugged. If the error does not go away, then the circuit board on the machine might have blown.

SWF Error 101

Main power board has shutdown for some reason. Either too much input voltage, a main motor jam, or the electronics have failed. If Error 101 does not go away, then the power board has to be repaired. This is a common failure in older SWF machines.

SWF Error 204, 205

Either the X or Y motor control boards have failed. Too much voltage noise can cause this situation temporarily, just restart. If continuous, then the electronics need to be looked at. Note that on SWF machines, a failure of the XY boards can take out the motors as well; please check motors for burnt smell, or unplug and verify with a multimeter that resistance is identical across pins 1+2, and 3+4.

SWF Error 300

Color changing the head has failed. Either it jammed mechanically, or the potentiometer sensor has slipped from its set screw, or the color change board is malfunctioning. If the control panel is reporting the wrong number, or the head is stopping at the wrong location, then check the potentiometer set screw first.

SWF Error 400

The motor speed cannot be determined. The encoder plug to the main power board may be unplugged. The main motor potentiometer may be malfunctioning, although this is rare.

SWF Error 600 through 613

Problem with the floppy drive. Use a freshly formatted disk instead, or replace with a floppy to usb device.

SWF Error 704

Problem with the memory backup. The control panel needs the memory backup circuit to be refurbished.

SWF Electronics Repairs

PLRElectronics repairs all SWF boards and includes a warranty with the board. Because embroidery equipment is produced in such small numbers in comparison to other major electronics, its common that the boards go bad much quicker than domestic equipment.