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The Toyota AD 860 is a single-head, 12-needle embroidery machine manufactured from around 1998-2005. Marketed under the "Expert" brand, the 860 features a 270 Cap System and a thread break sensor. The Expert AD860's cylinder arm permits embroidery with flat or tubular hoops. The successor to this model was the Toyota ESP 9100. The Toyota AD 860 reads .dst format files (same as Tajima).


The Toyota AD 860 can be upgraded with a Black Box to read and input design files directly to the machine.

Toyota AD 860 Specifications


  • Sewing Speed: up to 1200 stitches per minute
  • Stitching Area: 460(Y) x 300(X) mm
  • Memory Capacity: 100,000 stitches (or up to 99 designs)
  • Dimensions: 820(H) x 745(W) x 720(D) mm
  • Weight: 75 Kg
  • Machine Motor: AC Servo
  • Embroidery Frame Motor: AC Servo
  • Functions: Thread Break Sensor | Bobbin Counter | Pattern rotate and mirror | Pattern repeat | Move hoop (offset) | Pattern Trace | Memory backup during power interruption

Model Heads Needles EMB Space / Head Max SPM Pwr Cons. Years
AD 860 1 12 460 x 300 mm 1200 320 watts 1998-2005

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