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Used 2 head Tajima Embroidery Machine

Used Embroidery Machines are a great alternative for individuals or companies looking to get into the embroidery business.

Used Embroidery Machines

A well serviced used embroidery machine is a perfect alternative to purchasing a new embroidery machine and the saving are generally.

Used Embroidery Machines are usually less than 1/2 the price of new machines. For the same price of a new machine, two used machines can be purchased.

New VS Used

There are certain advantages to buying a used machine over a new machine and vice versa. For more information on the pros and cons of buying new or used, see the article New Embroidery Machines VS Used Embroidery Machines

Costs of New VS Used

Below is an example table of the costs of a Used Embroidery Machines versus a New Embroidery Machine

These numbers are based off a Japanese brand 2004 Embroidery Machine and what the price of the same model machine would be on the used market.

Description Price New Price Used
Single Head Machine $13,495.00 ~$6,999.00
2 Year Warranty Included Generally 1 Year
Stand $350 Included
"Workstation" Package $495 ???*
Editing Software $1995.00 Full Digitizing and Lettering Included
Font Package $595.00 Full Digitizing and Lettering Included
Stock Designs $99.00 Not Included
Basic Starter kit $350.00 Not Included*
Discount $3,884.00 Not Included
Taxes $887.50 Not applicable on Used Equipment
Total $13,495.00 ~$6,999.00

Based on the total of the new machine in 2004 and the same machine 10 years later in 2014 on the used market is approximately 1/2 the price. For the same price that a consumer can purchase a NEW machine, they can purchase 2 used machines which will DOUBLE the embroidery output.

  • "Workstation" Package - The author of this article does not have enough information to know what a Workstation Package consist of.
  • Basic Starter kit - Basic start kits can be purchased by embroidery machine supply dealers.

Sell Used Machines

TheEmbroideryWarehouse Buys and Sells used embroidery equipment.

Reference Invoices

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