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Welcome to the Embroidery Machine Encyclopedia,
the free online resource for the embroidery machine industry and related topics.
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Read an article about the Tajima group which includes information on the founding of the company and the Tajima product lineup.

Automatic and Manual Digitizing

Threads Digitizing Software
Some embroidery software packages have Automatic Digitizing features. Automatic Digitizing is the act of taking a computer graphic image and converting it to stitches automatically. Traditionally the stitches are created manually on the computer software, plotting each point in the same direction or same steps that the.... read more

Did you know...

That the first multihead embroidery machine was created by Barudan of Japan? Since then, Barudan continues to be one of the leaders in sales and quality with both their single head embroidery machines and multihead embroidery machines.

Single Head VS Multihead
Single Head
  • Did you know several single heads can out perform multiheads?
  • Single heads are very productive because when the machine stops (example, a thread break) only one head stops. On a Multihead machine when one head has a thread break or stops for any reason, all of the heads stop cutting production back.
  • Head for Head a single head machine will outperform a multihead embroidery machine.


Embroidery Tip of the Day

Embroidery Machine Needle

There are several different types and sizes of Embroidery Needles. Most any Embroidery Needle will work for any Industrial/Commercial Embroidery Machine. There are several different needle sizes and needle tips. There are also needles made of different materials for strength and machine speeds.

A 75/11 Sharp is recommended for general use.

A different needle might need to be used depending on the fabric or the material being embroidered on.

Generally it's not necessary to go to the extremes of changing the needles out unless the operator experiences excessive thread breaks, needle breaks, or just poor quality embroidery.

Looking to buy or sell an embroidery machine?


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