Barudan BEAT 800 Series

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Barudan 802-UG
Barudan BEAT 802-UG embroidery machine
Barudan Series 700 and 800 control keyboard
Barudan BEAT 800 Series control keyboard

The BEAT 800 series was a series of multi-head embroidery machines manufactured from 1989 - 1993 by Barudan. The series was the successor to the Barudan BEAT 700 Series.

800 Series Machines

Models in the 800 series came in 2, 4 and 6 head configurations. The heads came in both 5-needle and 7-needle versions. Machine models with UF in the name (802-UF) were 5-needle machines, and the UG models (806-UG) were 7 needles.

The 800 series also came in the YS version which featured independent take-up levers (and had 7 needles).

The 800 series machines used the same keyboard system as the Barudan BEAT 700 Series, the previous series of multi-head machines in the BEAT series. The series also had a three-line vacuum fluorescent display.

The Barudan 800 Series had automatic trimmers and automatic color changes.


The Barudan BEAT models can be upgraded with the Embroidery Black Box which is an external file reader which allows the BEAT 800 series to upload design files from a modern USB flash memory stick.

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