PLRElectronics Board Shipping Instructions

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Follow the steps outlined in this article about PLRElectronics Board Shipping Instructions for sending PLRElectronics, electronics for repair.

PLRElectronics Board Shipping Instructions


Fill out the PLRElectronics Board Repair Form. The PDF version is at the top of that page. This will let PLRElectronics know where the board is coming from and what issues it has. Filling this form out completely can possibly speed the repairs services a bit.

The forms can be sent in physically, emailed, or faxed.

There is more documentation located at the PLRElectronics documentation section. It might be wise to fill out all and read everything ahead of time and ship everything together. This might speed up the board repair process.


Antistatic bag

Be sure to properly package the board. If the board arrives physically damaged, it might be impossible or too expensive to repair. Use plenty of bubble wrap and antistatic bags. Use any type of support that might be required


Its recommend to use one of the bigger carriers to ship the electronics. United States Postal Service (USPS) should be avoided.

Companies like UPS, DHL, FedEX, etc are recommend.

Insurance is highly recommend in case the board is lost or damaged beyond repair. If the board is no longer manufactured, it might make the equipment worthless.

Using one of the larger commercial shippers will also allow you to track the package in case its lost.


Ship to:

2954 SE Loop 820 Fort Worth, Texas 76140 - USA