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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} The Tajima TMFX C1202 is a two head, 12-needle machine manufactured from 1996 to 2001. These machines were built in Japan.

The Tajima TMFX Series are Bridge Type (not Arm Type) embroidery machines which means they have more room for garments to pass under the heads.

These machines shipped with a floppy disk drive but it can be upgraded to a floppy disk emulator (see more information below).

The Tajima TMFX machines have been very popular in the United States and much of the rest of the world. The machines are compact versions of multiheads and ideal for most all applications. Their small footprint also allows the machine to fit in homes, garages, malls and small shops. However the model is also heavily used in large scale production embroidery shops.

Floppy Disk Drive Upgrade

Tajima TMFX-C / TMFX Control Panel with optional FloppyToUSB installed
Tajima TMFX-C Control Panel with FloppyToUSB installed

The TMFX C1202 shipped with a floppy disk drive. A very small percentage (less than 5%) of the TMFX machines used narrow height floppy disk drives. Production of the narrow-height floppy disk drive has long been discontinued by Tajima. Drive upgrades or replacements on these machines must now use only standard-sized floppy drives and FloppyToUSB-type drives. This means a small number of the TMFX control panels must be slightly enlarged at the floppy drive port to accommodate these drives.

Tajima Legend

Tajima used several codes in their models that described basic features of the machines. The letters in the model number usually

Machines with TME in their model without any other letters (numbers only) is a very late 1970s - 1990 flat only machine.
Predecessor to the TME, a Tajima machine with a C in it represents Cylinder (tubular) embroidery. Therefore machines with the letter C in their model, have removable tables.
Models with H in their model have the H model control panels. A TME-HC is an Arm Type machine with removable tables and the H model control panel. A TMEF-H machine is a flat machine with the H model control panel.
Machines with the F code are Bridge Machine (not arm type). If there are not more letter codes then this machine is a flat only machine (does not to tubular or caps).
TMM machines were collaboration Melco and Tajima machines. These machines have a Melco control panel/keyboard.

Tajima Years, Date or Age

The year of the Tajima machine can usually be found on a sticker behind the machines control panel or power boxes. These years are usually the year that the machines electronics were Quality Control checked at the Japan factory. The months listed on these stickers will probably be different. It usually took about 3 months from production to delivery to the original customers location. Later models had the production year stamped on the data plate.

If the machine is old and does not have a sticker, then the machine is probably older than 1990.


Tajima embroidery machines are probably one of the best machines on the market. They are more expensive that most all competing models but, they are very solidly built and have a good resell market. There are a lot of embroidery machine technicians available world wide and parts are pretty easy to find even for older models.


TheEmbroideryWarehouse buys and sells most every make and model of Tajima embroidery machines located within the continental USA. They also purchase parts, parts machines, salvage machines and most everything else related to embroidery equipment.


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The Tajima TMFX and TMEX share very similar, almost identical, control panels.